Firebase Introduction

What is Firebase?

Google's cloud based authentication, database, and storage solution. Provides a NoSQL DB and storage (like a S3/CDN) for your web or native apps. It provides a built-in authentication layer using OAuth2.0, similar to Auth0, alongside the other services.

Why use Firebase?

  • Provides easy to use integrations for web and native apps
  • Provides managed and scalable DB solution
  • Ubiquitous solution, meaning many will be familiar with API and SDK
  • Provides authentication solution out of the box

How do I use Firebase?

  1. Sign up for Google and Firebase.
  2. Create a new app.
  3. Create a new DB.
  4. Structure the NoSQL DB through the web console
  5. Install the SDK into your app (or add the JS bundle from their CDN)
  6. Add the credentials to your app (using ENV vars)
  7. Use the firebase() function for DB read/write, auths, etc

Limitations of Firebase?


  • Client-side and server-side (NodeJS) SDKs are different.


Official Documentation


3rd Party Integrations

Videos / Media

A Firestore Data Modeling Session with Jeff Delaney